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I’ve always hated writing these “About Me” pieces, but I suppose they really are a necessary evil. After all, you have to know something about me in order to decide if you like me or not and regardless, to decide if you want me to write for you or not!

Newspaper Exp.
I started working in newspapers in 1975, when I joined the Army and attended the U.S. Army Defense Information School of Journalism at Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Indianapolis, IN.  After graduating, I was stationed in Germany and at 19 years old was assigned as editor of the base newspaper. I had no staff, put out the entire newspaper by myself and it was quite a challenge. But I had my own office two doors down from the base commander and I was an editor!!! I took the paper from a D rating to a B+ with my first edition and it was a great experience. History and politics have been in my blood since I was a small kid, but news has been my passion since the morning after the Watergate burglars were caught and even more since my first day as an editor.

After the Army I spent 9 months as editor of a small newspaper in Indiana that was basically an advertising rag. But I really appreciated the opportunity to work as an editor and it gave me great commercial newspaper experience. It taught me the advertising side of the newspaper business. I understand the newspaper business totally and completely.

Magazine Exp.
I created, launched and was editor and publisher of two music magazines. The first was Missing Persons Magazine, which was a small music magazine targeted to the NY, NJ, PA and CT music market and consisted of articles and a large amount of classified advertising. The next was FLA ROCKS Magazine and was a similar model, but targeted to the South Florida music market. Both were challenging and rewarding experiences. With the magazines I learned how to recruit, develop and manage contributing writers and photographers and I was the entire advertising, circulation and distribution department. FLA ROCKS had a circulation of 25,000 copies per month. I understand the magazine business totally and completely.

Internet Exp.
In 1993 I launched DMW Internet Services, a web design and development shop. As part of DMW, I created two marketing websites, The Awesome Mall Of The Internet and Malls.Com! The Awesome Mall Of The Internet! was the fourth shopping web site to be launched on the Internet and in 1996 was ranked #5 of the Top 25 Internet Shopping Sites in the World, by PC Computing Magazine. Malls.Com! was the fifth web portal to be developed on the Internet, eventually hosting 100’s of retail clients, was consistently ranked in the top 5 in search results on ALL major search engines and had huge traffic. I sold The Awesome Mall in 1999 and I sold Malls.Com! in 2003.

With DMW Internet Services I created and designed websites, wrote ad copy and content for the web, did search engine optimization and placement and CGI scripting. I’ve designed well over 100 websites, had 100’s of clients and have over 20 years experience designing and working with databases. I understand the Internet totally and completely.

Let’s Get Started
I look forward to discussing your project with you. Just tell me about your job by filling out my Job Quote Form, my Contact Form, or give me a call.

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