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OK, so what makes me so dangerous? I work quickly, effectively, powerfully and hit my deadlines. I won’t stop until what I write is what you want and does the job. I like to write boldly, clearly and with impact, but still have fun. I have extensive experience in newspaper, magazine, web and corporate/business communications.

    I hope I have your interest by now because that’s what writing is all about – that’s my job. I’ll get the job done for you quickly, accurately and as if it were my own. I’ll write it right… now! To help you decide if I’m the right person for your job, I’ve outlined my background, so you can get a feel for who I am and how I like to work. [ABOUT ME]


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Heart of a Lion, the Mike Kennedy Story

Make no mistake about it – Mike Kennedy is one bad-ass, rawbone fighter – one of those rare men who was simply born to fight. He started boxing with gloves on at age four and by his early teens had mastered both boxing and the martial arts, years before the current MMA mania. He was quickly ranked #8 in the world in kickboxing and was a devastating fighter.
To see video of him in the ring is almost chilling. He has one way of fighting and one way only, attack, attack, attack… He has no reverse, he doesn’t back up, he just keeps attacking, punching and kicking until he knocks his opponent out, or until the fight is called.
Mike was well on his way to becoming a world-champion boxer, until one night would quickly change everything for him. In a few split seconds, Mike Kennedy would find himself in the ultimate fight of his life.
Reading this honest, thrill-ride of a story, you will meet a man who has never quit and has never stopped believing in his dreams, no matter what life has thrown at him. This is Mike Kennedy’s dramatic and inspiring story.


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Working On A Video Shoot

I recently completed working on a video project for The Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine in Reddick, Florida.  Dr. Xie gave me the opportunity to write, direct and interview teachers, students and visiting Chinese professors for the project.
This was my first venture into film and I am really excited about it and enjoyed it immensely. The entire project went very well and is in the editing process now.